That's how it should be. Layoffs at Activision Blizzard were necessary to keep Microsoft's gaming division profitable

by alex

The head of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, gave an interview to Polygon, in which he acknowledged the stalled growth of the console business and called exclusives a risky business.

In a new interview with Polygon, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said that a wave of layoffs at Activision Blizzard was needed to ensure that the Xbox gaming division continued to remain profitable.

“I will say that every decision we make today and tomorrow is for the benefit of Xbox […] Every decision we make is aimed at making Xbox stronger in the long term. That doesn't mean everyone will agree with them, but they are fundamental.”.

In the interview, Spencer also acknowledged that the rise of console business has practically stopped, so for the further development of the company it is necessary to consider options for releasing its games on other platforms.

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“You can’t succeed unless you attract clients from other publishers and platforms.”.

< p>Spencer explained that although Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft continue to sell consoles, in most cases they do not attract new users, because most players are simply upgrading from systems they already had.

(news cover source: Activision Blizzard)

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