Tesla doesn't offer test drives of the Cybertruck, so potential buyers are paying up to $1,000 a day in rental fees to decide

by alex

Tesla Cybertruck is popular on Turo

Tesla Cybertrucks are offered on Turo (this is a car Airbnb) — a service where people can rent out their cars and make money on it. At the same time, the service allows you to try out cars that are not available from car rental companies.

Turo helps potential buyers make their Cybertruck purchasing decision. New pickup trucks rent for about $1,000 a day. Given that Tesla does not currently offer test drives of its $100,000 truck, this is the only way to test drive the vehicle before purchasing.

Range and charging speed are the biggest source of user frustration, with some owners getting as little as 320km on a full charge, which is 200km less than expected.

Yesterday we talked about how a Cybertruck owner forum user shared his experience of using a Cybertruck, which he has driven for more than 16,000 km.

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