Tesla Cyberbeast destroys its main competitor, GMC Hummer EV, in a quarter-mile race

by alex

At the same time, the GMC Hummer EV is almost 170 hp more powerful.

The first independent test of the top-end Tesla Cybertruck (called Cyberbeast) has appeared on the Internet: Carwow resource journalist Mat Watson pitted it against its main competitor, the GMC Hummer EV pickup, in a quarter-mile race.

Tesla Cyberbeast уничтожил своего главного конкурента, GMC Hummer EV, в заезде на четверть мили

In both cases, we took the top options. We remind you that the weight and power of the “Cyberbeast” are 3104 kg and 845 hp, the weight and power of the GMC Hummer EV are 4110 kg and 1014 hp.

And if we talk about driving at speed, the Tesla pickup did not leave a single chance for the electric Hummer: even though the GMC Hummer EV is 169 hp more powerful, it is also a quarter heavier. So it’s impossible for him to keep up with the Cyberbeast.

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However, the GMC pickup still chalked up one victory: it stopped earlier in the braking test from 113 km/h. It’s all the more surprising that it’s a ton heavier. Apparently, the Cyberbeast’s brakes were not in the best condition (a non-production sample of a Tesla pickup truck was used for testing).

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