The Russian institute NAMI presented an “autopilot” of its own design

by alex

It can automate the movement of cars, trucks or robotic vehicles

Scientific Automotive Institute FSUE «NAMI» presented the NAMI Self-Driving System unmanned vehicle system. According to the developer, the technology allows you to automate the movement of any passenger, truck or robotic vehicle. It can also be integrated into a vehicle during its development stage. The system uses secure software, algorithms, neural networks and databases developed by US for training. 

US was told that the system has undergone extensive testing, including tests on public roads on domestically produced cars of Russian and foreign brands. In particular, the NAMI Self-Driving System was tested on Lada Vesta. In 2023, cars with Russian autopilot drove 10 thousand km in unmanned mode, and in virtual testing mode on city roads — 40 thousand km.

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Cars with the new system can drive along city streets, drive through intersections, change lanes, follow traffic lights and obey speed limits. The unmanned system uses high-precision digital maps of its own design and various options for navigation systems. NAMI stated that the development has become one of the most accurate unmanned systems in Russia and the world.

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