Despite all US sanctions, Chinese SMIC is still creating the Kirin platform for Huawei using the 5 nm process technology

by alex

But without EUV

SMIC is reportedly still creating a Kirin SoC for Huawei using the 5nm process. 

SMIC does not have access to lithographs that use hard ultraviolet (EUV), so the chip is created on older machines using deep ultraviolet (DUV). Recently, the former head of TSMC and IBM stated that SMIC is capable of this, but the products will be expensive. However, Huawei is unlikely to care much about this now. 

At the same time, the transition to 5 nm in the case of SMIC may not be as effective as in the case of TSMC and other companies that used EUV lithography for this. So it’s far from certain that the final new generation Kirin platform will be able to compete with the flagship Qualcomm and MediaTek SoCs of previous generations. 

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