Starfield engine breaks saves if you play too long without New Game+

by alex

For persistent researchers, Starfield can open up in such a way that further exploration will be uncomfortable, if you can play at all

Starfield engine breaks saves if you play too long without New Game+

Enthusiast SpareDifficult9987 and a group of like-minded people conducted experiments in Starfield for several weeks. They identified a bug related to the incorrect operation of the game engine.

It turns out that if you play for too long without New Game+, the generation of IDs (identifiers for generated objects) will fail. Previously, in Bethesda games, IDs were recycled/reused, but in the case of Starfield, for some reason the system works differently – they remain in the list of IDs in the save file.

The problem is, that if after some time you do not switch to New Game+, the list of identifiers will “inflate” (the available numbers for identifiers will begin to run out). This ultimately leads to a crash: the game will start to crash, the longer the player spends time without NG+, the shorter the intervals between crashes.

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The problem occurs at different times, on average after 200 – 600 hours in Starfield (affected by the amount of research, crafting, construction, etc.).

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