Supplies of Intel and AMD processors to Russia collapsed by 64–70%

by alex

There may be several reasons at once

According to Kommersant, during the period from January to October of this year, supplies of processors to Russia decreased significantly. More precisely, they fell by 64–70%.

Intel processors were delivered in 178,000 units, and AMD processors were delivered in 35,000 units. One of the possible reasons for this situation is said to be too large purchases of processors in 2022, but it is unclear how much this actually influenced the current decline. In addition, some market experts say that the Fplus data cited by the source may be incomplete. In particular, some CPUs are imported into the country under other codes. But at the same time, the source took into account supplies through parallel imports.

Another reason for the drop in supplies may be that in April, several dozen companies that produced their equipment, including Intel CPUs, were excluded from the Ministry of Industry and Trade register.

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