Suitable for iPhone 15 and other new smartphones. Tiny 5000 mAh external battery with replaceable charging connectors Sharge Flow Mini introduced

by alex

It costs 30 dollars

Chinese company Sharge, which recently changed its name to Shargeek, has released a portable battery called Flow Mini, which is available in the global market. This compact 5000mAh portable charger features interchangeable charging connectors.

The new Sharge Flow Mini weighs less than 100g and can be easily carried in your pocket. Sharge Flow Mini replaceable connectors are designed for USB-C and Lightning connections. You can charge smartphones without removing the cases.

Built-in USB-C cable allows you to charge devices at up to 12W. The Sharge Flow Mini measures 77.8 x 33.0 x 25.2 mm and features a clear silver finish with orange accents and LED indicators. The device is compatible with iPhone 15, Google Pixel 8, Samsung Z Flip and other new models.

Подойдёт для iPhone 15 и других новых смартфонов. Представлен крошечный внешний аккумулятор на 5000 мА•ч со сменными зарядными разъемами Sharge Flow Mini

Price is $30.

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