Spire Expands Constellation Control Capabilities with Neuraspace STM AI Platform

by alex

Automated space traffic control solution will reduce collision risks and improve operational efficiency

Spire, a satellite data and analytics platform provider, has announced plans to deploy Neuraspace's space traffic management (STM) platform across its constellation of more than 100 multi-mission satellites. 

All satellites will be controlled using Neuraspace software. This software will allow Spire to monitor and control potential approaches in its constellation while focusing on critical assets.

Using the Neuraspace platform, Spire will receive automatic alerts on connections and conduct in-depth data analysis. In addition, the Neuraspace STM platform will provide Spire with maneuvering recommendations, advanced collision analysis, maneuver control, and automatic monitoring of the growing number of satellites equipped with onboard propulsion systems.

The Neuraspace platform allows for flexible, real-time decisions that reduce the risk of collisions. And automatic updating of orbital positions speeds up the verification of maneuvers to prevent potential collisions. This approach also saves time and resources that were previously required for manual inspection.

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«Spire is at the head of the “space as a service”», — noted Vincent Furia, senior director of constellation planning and operations at Spire. «Using the Neuraspace STM platform, powered by artificial intelligence, we can provide timely information about potential collisions, allowing our satellite constellation to successfully operate in an expanding and increasingly congested orbit.».

Neuraspace CEO Chiara Manfletti noted that the choice of NewSpace by a company like Spire, with a large satellite constellation, shows confidence in their STM solution. It also highlights the need for satellite operators to protect their assets in space. Increasing orbital traffic and space debris are becoming a growing threat and potentially costly problem for satellite operators such as Spire. With Neuraspace's automated STM solution using data from multiple sources, they are provided with a complete picture to analyze the situation. This solution helps reduce the threat to their assets and allows clients to focus on their core business.

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