Spider-Man The Great Web trailer from PlayStation Studios leaked online

by alex

Late last year, Insomniac Games was faced with a huge data leak: information about the studio's next project for the PlayStation included footage, screenshots and various concepts for the Spider-Man 2 expansion, as well as footage of Wolverine. It turned out that the developers were working on another project.

Spider-Man: The Great Web was supposed to be an online game built on the foundation of a service game. Five players had to take part in the fight. But, as Insider Gaming notes, Sony had to cancel the project, which may have been a hasty decision, since the trailer promised an intense experience.

The trailer has leaked online and, as can be seen, via LINK, looks impressive. Players would take on the roles of different versions of Spider-Man as they battled the Sinister Six in New York.

The authors of RoboCop: Rogue City want to work on different franchises and are not yet planning DLC ​​for their shooter

Gameplay is based on a multiverse model with the ability to customize characters, in resulting in a variety of superheroes teaming up to fight the big bad.

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