Sony has banned the activation of its games on Steam on accounts from the Russian Federation and Belarus

by alex

The company also asked not to indicate the presence of Russian localization – allegedly this has a bad effect on sales in European countries

Russian online stores reported that Sony has limited the ability to activate PC versions of its games from user accounts from Russia and Belarus.

“Attention! The publisher has limited the activation of this game in the Russian Federation and Belarus. That is, the game is NOT activated on Russian and Belarusian Steam accounts. In the rest of the CIS countries, the game is activated successfully.” em>“Today we received information from the publishing house SONY that activation of their games is now unavailable for Steam accounts in the regions of Russia and Belarus. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Horizon Forbidden West pre-order that went on sale yesterday.”, — SteamPay.

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It is also reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment asked to remove references to Russian localization from the description of its projects, because this allegedly has a bad effect on the sales of its games in Europe. The localization of games itself will not go away.

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