Great Wall released 300 thousand Tank 300 SUVs

by alex

This model became a hit not only in China, but also in Russia

The Great Wall company announced that the 300,000th Tank 300 SUV has rolled off the assembly line at its plant in Chongqing. It took three years to achieve this. Interestingly, the model was initially sold under the Wey brand, but then became the first-born of the brand of the same name.

During this short period of time by the standards of a standard model’s life, the Tank 300 became a hit not only in China, but also in Russia: in 2023 it accounted for approximately half of the brand’s sales.

Great Wall выпустила 300 тысяч внедорожников Tank 300

Literally a couple of weeks ago, the most powerful version of the Tank 300 debuted in China (in the title photo) — with a 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 360 hp. It is possible that such a Tank 300 (in China it was designated Tank 330) will appear in Russia.

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