Employees of the Hyundai plant in Russia were given New Year's gifts, which have already appeared on Avito

by alex

These are Hyundai Creta 1 models: 38

For employees of the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant in St. Petersburg, Hyundai Creta 1:38 models were distributed as New Year's gifts, as reported by «Russian Automobile».

Not all employees of the company liked such gifts, since models had already begun to appear on «Avito».

Remember, «Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus» — Hyundai Motor's sixth automobile plant located outside the Republic of Korea. It became the first full production cycle plant among foreign automakers in Russia.

Previously, the board of directors of Hyundai Motor agreed on a plan for the sale of a plant in Russia to Art-Finance. for a symbolic amount of 10 thousand rubles with the possibility of repurchase within 2 years. In addition, it is reported that the share of the South Korean company Kia in the St. Petersburg Hyundai Motor plant will also be sold.

800 hp and 72 km/h. An electric yacht from one of the Tesla executives was presented

Sergey Tsyganov, the host of the telegram channel Russian Automobile, who regularly reported on the state of affairs at the Russian Hyundai plant, provided an exclusive commentary on the sale of the enterprise : «They want to keep the plant for themselves, sacrificing part of the asset — a set of components for assembling 70 thousand cars. These cars, «Avilon», are mainly of interest, they don’t need a factory».

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