Samsung Galaxy S24 will not just be smartphones, but AI smartphones. The company registers the AI Phone and AI Smartphone trademarks

by alex

It is still unclear where AI will be in new devices

It seems that Samsung will promote its upcoming Galaxy S24 smartphones, among other things, as devices with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. The company has even filed trademark applications for AI Phone and AI Smartphone.

Considering the names are too generic, it is quite possible that Samsung will not be able to register them, but this fact itself already indicates the direction in which the company will move. Even without registration, the Korean giant may well actively use the above phrases for marketing purposes.

We have previously heard that Samsung wants to actively integrate AI into its new flagships, but it is not yet very clear in what form. The only examples we currently have are Pixel smartphones, where most of the AI functionality is related to the camera.

Confirmed by another leak: Exynos 2400 will only be received by the Galaxy S24, but in all countries except the USA and Canada. The entire line has been declassified before the announcement

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