5 4×4 crossovers cheaper than a million rubles. The most profitable all-wheel drive crossovers were named by “Behind the Wheel”

by alex

Chery Tiggo T11, Great Wall Hover H3 / Hover H5, SsangYong Kyron, Renault Duster and Opel Antara

“Behind the Wheel” published a rating of five all-wheel drive crossovers available for a million rubles, which are distinguished by their simple design and low maintenance requirements.

The first to be remembered was the Chery Tiggo T11, equipped with all-wheel drive, a manual transmission and a 2-liter naturally aspirated engine (136 hp). Experts noted that an aluminum engine can travel 200 thousand km, but it is recommended to avoid refueling with AI-92 gasoline. The all-wheel drive system is not satisfactory, but it is recommended to check the firmware when purchasing.

In second place is the Great Wall Hover H3 / Hover H5 with naturally aspirated engines of 2 liters (115 hp) and 2.4 liters (127 or 136 hp). The model has a good reputation, spare parts are easily available, but the older motor has a tendency to overheat. The five-speed hydraulic automatic transmission was developed jointly with Hyundai.

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5 кроссоверов 4х4 дешевле миллиона рублей. Самые выгодные полноприводные кроссоверы назвал «За рулем»

SsangYong Kyron takes third place. The model received engines borrowed from Mercedes. The service life of these engines is 300 thousand km, and it is preferable to use a manual transmission for high mileage. The Kyron's all-wheel drive has some weak points, such as the front wheel couplings, the transfer case chain and the hinged bearing.

Renault Duster takes fourth place in the ranking. Duster has no problem engines (lifetime 300–400 thousand km) and gearboxes (lifetime 250 thousand km). All-wheel drive with a 1.6 K4M engine (102 hp) is recommended.

The list is completed by the Opel Antara with a naturally aspirated 2.4 liter engine (167 hp) and a manual transmission. The chassis is strong and durable, but there are problems with the electronics. The body is well protected from corrosion, but low prices on the secondary market are explained by the low popularity of the model.

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