Russia's first unmanned boats (marine drones) can carry up to 600 kg of payload

by alex

Specifications announced

Managing Director of the KMZ holding (Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant) Mikhail Danilenko revealed details about Russia’s first unmanned boats, or sea drones, for which the first water-jet propulsion has already been assembled.

Первые в России безэкипажные катера (морские дроны) могут нести до 600 кг полезной нагрузки

We call it a disposable boat. It is shallow-drafted, flat, with a minimum height above the water surface for low visibility. Speed is about 80 kilometers per hour, range is more than 200 kilometers. The payload is about 600 kilograms: it can be TNT, special cargo, escort and reconnaissance equipment.

Mikhail Danilenko

The boat can work as a platform for an aerial drone.

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