Sales of popular crossovers in Russia have fallen sharply – several times more than the market as a whole

by alex

New research from Otkritie Bank

In April of this year, there was a significant drop in sales in the crossover segment on the Russian automobile market, as stated in a study by Otkritie Bank. They fell much more than the average market decline (-7%)

The largest drop in sales occurred in the Li Auto L7 and L9 models – sales of these cars decreased by 41% and 35%, respectively, compared to March figures. The main factor behind such a sharp decline was a noticeable increase in prices for these crossovers.

The models that lost the most customers also included SUVs from luxury brands Lexus and Toyota, as well as popular Kia crossovers. The reduction in sales of these cars was 35-37%. A significant blow was dealt to the sale of the Geely Monjaro, while it was noted that cars from official deliveries cost Russians 20% more than cars imported through parallel imports. As a result, only 3,300 copies of this model were sold in April (-36%).

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Negative dynamics were also typical for such brands as Changan, Chery, Exeed, Haval and Tank. A noticeable failure was recorded in «Moskvich 3» (-22%, 1.8 thousand cars) and Geely Coolray (-24%, 2.1 thousand units).

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