Russian scientists have figured out how to transmit data from satellites to Earth hundreds of times faster

by alex

The new transmitter operates in the amateur radio band with speeds up to 200 Mbit/s

The Russian company «Geoscan», which produces civilian drones and software for processing the data they receive, has developed a device that allows you to transmit data from satellites to Earth at speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s. According to the manufacturer, the new radio transmitter will send information hundreds of times faster than before.

The high-speed radio transmitting device COMMX (Communication X-Band) provides data transmission from small spacecraft to Earth in the amateur radio range of 10.45 GHz. The device operates according to the second generation digital satellite broadcasting standard DVB-S2. This technology has already proven itself in satellite television, and now it has begun to be used for space communications, transmitting any data.

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Initially, COMMX was created specifically for the Geoscan 3U satellite platform. These cubesats weighing only 6 kg are designed to conduct school and student experiments in near-Earth space. But the data transmission technology itself can be used in other projects, note the company «Geoscan».

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