Pavel Durov “returned” the wall? He showed a screenshot with this section

by alex

They have been asking for the return of the wall since 2010

Pavel Durov made a loud announcement that directly indicates the return of the wall — fans have been asking for this since 2010.

He showed the following concept in his channel, which is very likely an April Fool's Day.

In the history of «VKontakte» The main meme was the phrase «Durov, bring back the wall!», which was heard for many years after the design change in 2010, which upset many users.

They are already discussing on social networks that the ice baths that Durov takes in the morning with a calm expression on his face clearly helped. But do not forget that at the beginning of the year Pavel Durov sold his share (12%) in «VKontakte» CEO of Megafon.

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