Changan has announced pre-New Year discounts on its most popular cars. Changan Alsvin, Eado Plus, Uni-V, CS35 Plus, CS55 Plus, CS95 and Uni-K become cheaper in December

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The discount reaches 100 thousand rubles

The Changan company announced that in December additional discounts ranging from 30 to 100 thousand rubles will apply to seven models of the company in Russia. Discounts will be provided by dealers, and they will be combined with the trade-in discount (up to 120 thousand rubles). As a result, the maximum price reduction will be even more noticeable.

Changan объявила предновогодние скидки на свои самые популярные машины. В декабре дешевеют Changan Alsvin, Eado Plus, Uni-V, CS35 Plus, CS55 Plus, CS95 и Uni-K

Thus, taking into account the direct discount and the trade-in discount, the cost of Changan Alsvin is reduced by 110 thousand rubles, Changan Eado Plus – by 140 thousand rubles, Changan Uni-V – by 100 thousand rubles, Changan CS35 Plus – by 220 thousand . rubles. The price reduction for Changan CS55 Plus, Uni-K and CS95 Plus will be 200 thousand rubles.

Also in December, Changan cars will be available for purchase on credit under special conditions and without the need to purchase insurance.

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