NVIDIA boss says artificial intelligence will “successfully compete” with human intelligence – within the next 5 years

by alex

At the annual DealBook summit, where Elon Musk has already distinguished himself, the CEO of NVIDIA also spoke.

Jensen Huang specifically said that if artificial general intelligence (AGI) is defined as a computer that can perform tests in a “fairly competitive” way with human intelligence, then such development “could be seen within the next 5 years.”

NVIDIA's business is doing well right now due to a surge in demand for GPUs needed to train artificial intelligence models. In the third quarter, the manufacturer's revenue tripled, and net profit reached $9.24 billion, compared with $680 million last year.

Huang also mentioned delivering “the world's first artificial intelligence supercomputer” to OpenAI, in collaboration with Elon Musk, who was still involved with the startup at the time.

“Elon said, ‘I want one of these,’ and told me about OpenAI,” Huang said. “That day I handed them the world’s first supercomputer with artificial intelligence.”

The head of NVIDIA did not ignore the recent chaos at OpenAI with the dismissal/return of Sam Altman:

“I'm glad everything was resolved – this is a really great team. It also reminds us of the importance of corporate governance. NVIDIA is still here 30 years after it was founded, and we've been through a lot of hardships. If we hadn't set up our company properly, who knows what would have happened.”

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Huang suggested that competition in artificial intelligence will lead to off-the-shelf AI tools that companies across industries will customize to suit their needs, from chip design and software creation to drug discovery and radiology.


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According to the NVIDIA executive, one of the reasons why the tech industry is still distant from general AI is that while machine learning is still good at tasks such as recognition and perception, it cannot yet do multi-step reasoning, which is a priority for companies and researchers.

“Everyone is working on it,” Huang said. “There is no doubt that the pace of progress is rapid. Today we recognize that what we can do with these models is related to intelligence, but not in the same way.”

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