Nintendo delayed the Switch 2 console by a year

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Nintendo delayed the Switch 2 console by a year Author: Mikhailo Stolyar, today, 12:36

Nintendo has informed game publishers that the next generation of Switch consoles will not be released in 2024, as planned, but at least in the first quarter of 2025.

What is known

Switch 2 (unconfirmed console name) was supposed to hit the market in late 2024. However, according to sources, game publishers have already received a message from Nintendo that the release will not be postponed until March 2025 at the earliest. This means the next version of the Switch will miss the key holiday period, which is considered the ideal time for the consoles to debut.

It is also noted that the company is holding back a small number of the most anticipated games so that they will come straight to Switch 2.

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Let us add that the first generation of the console was released more than seven years ago, in 2017.

Switch is a hybrid gaming console that combines the properties of a home game console and a portable system.

Source: Bloomberg

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