MTS presented its router, patented in Russia and China

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5/2.4 GHz, up to 1 Gbit/s

MTS introduced a new compact router, which became part of the company’s rebranding program. This device has a distinctive design with beveled corners on which the letters «M», «T» are located. and «C».

This router design repeats the MTS logo, which now uses a corner inscription instead of the previous egg image.

At the moment, MTS branded routers are available only in the Moscow region and are presented in black. However, a white version of this device is expected to appear soon.

We have long planned to develop our own router housing design for home Wi-Fi – network, which would be preserved regardless of the manufacturer and would meet the tastes of the modern consumer, without interfering with the concept of home interior design. We managed to develop a laconic design that fully conveys the character of today's MTS and will fit into any apartment.

At the same time, we have retained all the technical characteristics of the router that are in demand today. It operates in two frequency bands (5/2.4 GHz), allowing you to connect dozens of different Internet devices and providing Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Marketing Director for the Moscow region of MTS Pavel Plyasenko

МТС представила свой роутер, запатентованный в России и Китае

The new product has already been patented in Russia and China.

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