“Aibat”? In Russia they are going to release a car called i-Bat

by alex

Perhaps it will be released in the Evolute line

Information has appeared that in Russia they are preparing to launch production of cars called i-Bat, as reported by «Avtopotok».

Producing electric cars Evolute Lipetsk «Motorinvest» registered the i-Bat trademark (no, not a joke), it is designed according to the class of cars.

Comments from «Motorinvest» there hasn’t been one yet, so we can only guess what exactly the trademark owners are putting into such a name. But it’s worth adding that the  Evolute line already includes the  i-Pro, i-Sky and i-Joy models.

«Айбат»? В России собираются  выпустить автомобиль под названием i-Bat

«Autostream» was the first to report that «GAZelle NN» and «Sable NN» will receive ESP, spoke about the new version of Sobol NN, about improvements to the Lada Niva Travel and Niva Legend, about the transfer of the Russian Volvo plant to a private investor.

A very rare Brabus 1300 R Masterpiece Edition has arrived in Russia. Only 50 of these were produced.

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