MSI showed the first desktop motherboard with space for installing a CAMM2 RAM module

by alex

Kingston has already created such a memory

The LPCAMM2 standard is just emerging in laptops, where it is much more useful than in desktop PCs. However, MSI has already shown a motherboard with space for a CAMM2 module.  

The Z790 Project Zero model from the manufacturer’s special series has space for installing a CAMM2 module instead of the usual DIMM slots. Let us remind you that on the reverse side such a module has contact pads. It is not inserted into a slot, but has a design similar to modern desktop processors. 

MSI is collaborating on this project with Kingston, which was the first to develop the CAMM2 module for desktop PCs. It's called Fury Impact CAMM2, and it's, of course, DDR5 memory.  

The board and memory module will be shown at Computex 2024 in June. There is no data on the launch of sales yet, but this is quite to be expected.  

One with a “turbine”, and the other almost like the Founders Edition. MSI introduced GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super video cards as part of the Expert and Aero lines

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