More than 250 thousand preliminary applications for the purchase of Meizu 21 smartphones have already been collected, although there are still four days before the premiere

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According to preliminary data, there will be two models in the line – Meizu 21 and Meizu 21 Pro

Meizu reported that more than 250 thousand preliminary purchase orders have already been collected for the latest Meizu 21 line of smartphones. The volume of pre-orders is approaching the record set by models of the Meizu 20 line – it amounted to 350 thousand. Considering that there are still four days left before the official premiere, there is a possibility that Meizu 21 will still be more popular than the current generation models.

Собрано уже более 250 тыс. предварительных заявок на покупку смартфонов Meizu 21, хотя до премьеры ещё четыре дня

Potential buyers for pre-ordering (by the way, it is paid, but the fee is small – only 1 yuan or approximately 12.5 rubles) are promised a warranty extended to 36 months and a number of bonuses. For example, if the screen breaks within six months after purchase, the owner will simply be given a new smartphone.

Meizu will unveil its latest smartphone on February 29. Meizu 21 Pro specifications revealed

Previously, the company compared Meizu 21 with the iPhone 15 Pro and Xiaomi 14, and there are already examples of photos taken by the Meizu 21 camera on the Internet.

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