Microsoft has blocked one of the ways to change the default browser in Windows

by alex

But most people don’t need it

Microsoft has blocked one of the options for replacing the default Windows browser. 

You can change the default browser without any difficulty in the operating system settings. But this could also be done by making changes to the Windows registry. This feature is now blocked. 

Recent updates to Windows 10 and Windows 11 have made such manipulations impossible. When you try to make changes, the system displays an error with the corresponding message. 

Microsoft заблокировала в Windows один из способов поменять браузер по умолчанию

Some may consider this to be additional restrictions on the part of Microsoft, but in general this is an additional element of security, since attackers will no longer be able to quietly replace the default OS browser with some other one through the registry.& nbsp;

Recall that we also wrote that the Windows 11 24H2 update cannot be installed if some programs and even drivers are present, and after installation, applications for changing the appearance of the OS stop working.

Malware is distributed by hackers via GitHub, allegedly from a Microsoft repository

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