MacBook Air was equipped with a unique AirJet fanless solid-state cooling system, and the PC became better

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The modification was carried out by the Frore company itself

As you know, MacBook Air laptops do not have an active cooling system, which makes them silent. But at the same time, with SoC M2, mobile PCs sometimes suffer from overheating and throttling. Frore Systems, the company that created a unique solid-state fanless cooling system for laptops, showed how much the modern MacBook Air would improve if Apple used these same AirJet coolers.

MacBook Air оснастили уникальной твердотельной системой безвентиляторного охлаждения AirJet, и ПК стал лучше

Frore Systems engineers took the Air based on the Apple M2 SoC and placed inside a modified heatsink and three AirJet Mini elements, each of which is designed to dissipate 4.5 W of power as heat.

The MacBook Air modified in this way performed better than usual. Under light or short-term loads, the difference is minimal or non-existent, since M2 does not have time to overheat and drop frequencies. However, for example, after half an hour of playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a regular laptop dropped its frequency from 28 to 22 fps, while the modified version showed a drop from 29 to 27 fps, that is, a very insignificant one. More importantly, at 27 fps the game was still playable, whereas at 22 fps it was no longer comfortable.

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MacBook Air оснастили уникальной твердотельной системой безвентиляторного охлаждения AirJet, и ПК стал лучше

Also, the results in Cinebench R23 after several cycles began to differ noticeably: 8775 points with AirJet versus 8380 points without it.

Yes, the difference cannot be called critical, but it is added to by less heating of the laptop itself, which is also a tangible plus. At the same time, AirJet elements are relatively silent. There are no fans, so all the noise is the sound of air being blown out, and due to the low power of the air flow, this sound cannot be heard at all from a working distance.

So far, there is only one mini-PC on the market, Zotac Zbox PI430AJ, with an AirJet cooler, which allowed the company to make a device with a volume of 210 milliliters with a Core i3-N300 processor. Perhaps this Frore demo will attract the attention of laptop manufacturers or even Apple itself.

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