UAZ Patriot will receive an updated engine in December. What was replaced?

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Timing drive sprockets are now assembled in Kolomna

UAZ cars will receive an updated engine with different timing gear drive sprockets. The Kolomna Powder Metallurgy Plant in the city of Kolomna, Moscow Region, has launched mass production of components for new engines. They will soon begin to be installed in the UAZ Patriot.

The volume of investments in the creation of a new production of components exceeded 130 million rubles, of which 72 million rubles are a preferential loan provided under the “Component Products” program by the Industrial Development Fund (IDF).

“The priority direction of the project, which started in 2020, is the launch of mass production of three standard sizes of camshaft sprockets. This task should be fully resolved in the 1st quarter of 2024. After this, we plan to master the production of crankshaft and intermediate shaft sprockets and a number of other components for the automotive industry,” said Sergei Osipov, executive director of Kolomna Powder Metallurgy Plant LLC.

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The company acquired modern hydraulic pressing equipment, which allowed it to significantly expand its product line and use powder technology. Equipment for mechanical processing was also installed and preparations for the production of timing gear drive sprockets were carried out.

The timing sprocket is a part of the internal combustion engine mechanism that drives the wheels of the car. Until now, UAZ has used sprockets made using machining technology. Such parts are inferior in quality and more labor-intensive to manufacture.

The first batch will be delivered to UAZ in December 2023. New domestically produced timing drive sprockets will be installed in the ZMZ-409051 and ZMZ-409052 engines.

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