“Thanks for understanding”. Wildberries offers owners of burnt goods in a warehouse in Shushary to refuse compensation

by alex

And thanks to such sellers

The online store Wildberries sent a letter to sellers whose goods burned in a warehouse in Shushary. The letter offers those wishing to refuse compensation for burnt goods in order to help Wildberries «in this difficult time».

We see that some of you are contacting us with a proposal not to compensate for their goods that were lost in the warehouse in Shushary. In this regard, we would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for your understanding during these difficult times.

If suddenly you have also decided to refuse such compensation or part of it, please write to us in support (Category «Weekly payments» – topic «Refusal of compensation Shushary& raquo;) and indicate in the appeal the articles and quantity of the product in question.

Recall that on January 13, one of the largest Wildberries warehouses, which was located in St. Petersburg Shushery, burned down. On January 15, the store began paying compensation to sellers.

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In addition, Wildberries promised to open a new sorting center in St. Petersburg in a short time.

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