LPDDR6 already this year, but only on smartphones with Android? Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 may get support for new memory

by alex

But the Apple A18 Pro allegedly won’t receive it

LPDDR6 memory may indeed appear in production devices this year. It is reported that Qualcomm may add support for new memory to its top-end SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. 

There is no official data on this matter, but the company has quite a good margin of time to implement support, and chip manufacturers — to establish mass production.  

At the same time, Apple allegedly will not implement LPDDR6 support in its future SoC Apple A18 Pro. There are not even rumors about MediaTek and its Dimensity 9400, but the company has been striving to keep up with its main competitor in recent years. In addition, faster memory should have a positive impact on the performance of AI software solutions that manufacturers will focus on.  

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It is worth keeping in mind that support at the platform level does not mean that a particular smartphone will be equipped with the new memory, because the manufacturer can save money and supply LPDDR5X/T.  

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