Laptop with two 13-inch OLED screens. GPD Duo introduced

by alex

Few details yet

The GPD company, known for its portable gaming consoles, introduced the GPD Duo laptop, equipped with two screens at once. 

As you can see in the pictures, the second panel is attached to the top of the main panel. Thanks to this, the laptop offers new use cases, including for simultaneous use by two users. 

The screens are the same. These are OLED panels made by Samsung with a diagonal of 13.3 inches each. The resolution is not yet known, but the manufacturer also reports that both displays are touchscreen and support styluses and the MPP protocol.  

Details haven't been revealed yet, but GPD says it's an AI PC (not a Copilot+ PC), meaning it should be powered by either a Ryzen 7040/8040 or Core Ultra APU.  

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