KamAZ has simplified the production of K5 cab parts: Russian side members are not inferior to German ones from Daimler Truck AG, according to the plant

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Cold sheet metal stamping technology is used

KAMAZ, as part of its import substitution strategy, decided to optimize and improve the production process of cabin side members for the flagship K5 family.

Previously, until 2023, these components were supplied ready-made from Daimler Truck AG and were produced by the Germans using hot sheet metal stamping. Starting last year, KamAZ switched to independent production of side members for the K5 cab, using less expensive cold sheet stamping technology using two-phase steel.

КамАЗ упростил производство деталей кабины K5: российские лонжероны не уступают немецким от Daimler Truck AG, как утверждают на заводе

According to plant representatives, Russian spars have successfully passed vibration tests and crash tests, demonstrating no worse results than German ones.

For complete import substitution of the K5 cab in 2023, KamAZ needed to produce more than 200 dies and master the production of 117 elements. The production of another 23 parts was organized at another Russian enterprise through outsourcing.

“Very comfortable, no worse than foreign analogues,” - the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation promised to be the first to transfer employees to Lada Aura

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