Grand Theft Auto VI is entering its final stage: developers accustomed to remote work will have to work in the office starting in April

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Released next year

Rockstar Games will ask employees to return to work in the office five days a week starting in April, when the final stage of development of Grand Theft Auto VI begins, as reported by Bloomberg.

In an email sent to employees on Wednesday, February 28, Rockstar publishing chief Jenn Kolbe said the decision was made for performance and security reasons. The company has faced several security breaches, including a massive leak of early footage from the new Grand Theft Auto and an early trailer that leaked in December.

«Making these changes now gives us the best opportunity to deliver the next Grand Theft Auto to the level of quality and polish we know is required, and to execute on a plan that matches the scale and ambition of the game», — she wrote.

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Demands to return to the office have become a hot topic across industries as the pandemic has forced many employees to work from home. More recently, many employers have asked employees to return to the office two or three days a week. A study last month found that switching to remote work has no impact on productivity.

It's worth adding that many of the biggest video game hits of 2023, such as Marvel's Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games, were developed remotely.

Grand Theft Auto VI will be released on consoles in 2025.

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