Intel video cards have almost completely stopped being purchased. The company's share of the discrete GPU market has dropped to zero, and Nvidia dominates

by alex

AMD neither increased nor lost its share over the year

Nvidia is the undisputed leader in the discrete video card market. According to recent data from Jon Peddie Research analysts, its share is now 88%. 

This is more than a year ago or a quarter ago, as AMD and Intel's shares declined. AMD now occupies about 12%, and Intel's share is close to zero, although a year earlier it was 4%, which was very significant, considering that Intel had just entered this market. 

Why the situation has changed so much over the last quarter, if we talk about AMD, is not very clear, but in annual terms the company has not budged at all.  

Видеокарты Intel перестали покупать почти полностью. Доля компании на рынке дискретных GPU опустилась к нулю, а доминирует Nvidia

In total, 9.5 million discrete GPUs were shipped worldwide over the past quarter, and this is 39.2% higher than a year ago, meaning the market is actively recovering. 

In China, the desktop GeForce RTX 4080M is sold for only $420-560, but there is a caveat. This card, along with the RTX 4090M, is based on a mobile GPU

Analysts also shared interesting statistics regarding processors. During the quarter, about 16-17 million of them were delivered.  

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