Intel admitted guilt, but only partially. The company has not yet found the root cause of the unstable operation of Core-K processors, but it has found its own bug that aggravates the problem

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This error will be resolved within a month

Intel has made a fresh statement regarding the instability of the 13th and 14th generation Core processors (K/KS/KF) and at the same time released an update that may improve the situation. 

As we learned the other day, part of the reason is due to an incorrect value set in the microcode algorithm for eTVB (Enhanced Thermal Boost Velosity). True, as the company itself has already stated, this is still not the primary reason. 

Intel Analysis Identifies Confirmed Factor Contributing to Instability of 13th and 14th Generation Intel Core (K/KF/KS) Desktop Processors — This is an increased input voltage to the processor due to BIOS settings that allow the processor to operate at turbo frequencies even when the CPU temperature is already very high. 

However, while investigating this instability issue, Intel discovered a bug in the Enhanced Thermal Velocity Boost (eTVB) algorithm that may affect the operating conditions of 13th and 14th generation Intel Core processors (K/KF/KS ) for desktop PCs. We have developed a fix for the eTVB bug and are working with our motherboard OEM/ODM partners to implement the fix as part of BIOS updates before July 19, 2024. While this eTVB bug potentially contributes to instability, it is not the main one.  

As Intel and its partners continue to work to complete the investigation, we want to ensure that all users understand the recommended power profile settings for 13th and 14th generation Intel Core processors (K/KF/KS) for desktop PCs. Intel also recommends that users check the motherboard vendor's website for the latest BIOS updates. 

That is, new BIOS with a fix will be released within a month. They may make the problem less pronounced, but the root cause is something else and Intel will continue to look for it.  

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