Huawei tested its own analogue of Starlink

by alex

The Chinese company's satellite Internet provided download speeds of up to 660 Mbit/s

Chinese company Huawei said it has successfully tested satellite internet similar to SpaceX's Starlink system. The details were shared by the chief researcher of the Huawei 6G Wireless Technology Laboratory at an event dedicated to the development of aerospace information technologies; it took place in Chongqing (China). According to the presentation, Huawei satellite Internet was able to provide download speeds of up to 660 Mbit/s.

Huawei протестировала собственный аналог Starlink

Huawei has not disclosed which satellites were used to build its own network. We only know that they are located in low Earth orbit (like Starlink). It was recently reported that China launched its own satellites of this type, which may have provided satellite communications for Huawei.

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Of course, to create a full-fledged network similar to Starlink, the Chinese company will need time and, despite successful tests, it is not known exactly when it will be fully operational. By the way, the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 60 Pro+, which was introduced in September, already has support for satellite communications.

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