Huawei is going to circumvent US sanctions here too. The company will set up its own production of HBM memory

by alex

For starters it will be HBM2

Huawei is about to enter a new market that will allow it to create more productive chips. We are talking about the production of HBM memory. 

Huawei Technologies is teaming up with Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit and other Chinese companies to develop its own HBM memory. Mass production should begin around 2026.  

Since Huawei and its partners will have to essentially start from scratch, they will initially take on HBM2 memory. Let us remind you that Samsung should have HBM4 memory next year. However, HBM2 is a very good option for a number of tasks, and Huawei needs such memory for new accelerators for AI. 

Much weaker than the regular version, but with RTX. The first tests of the stripped-down GeForce RTX 3050 6GB have appeared

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