Sony has formed a new studio from former Deviation Games employees, apparently

by alex

Many consider this information strange against the backdrop of Sony's plans to fire dozens of workers, including Insomniac Games

A rumor began to spread around the Internet that Sony Interactive Entertainment had assembled a new development team, which included former Deviation Games employees Fred Thompson, Adam Rosas, Pat Dwyer, JC Farmer and Kristen Sych and Jason Blundell.

Jason Blundell is a fairly well-known figure in the gaming community, because it was he who once led the development of the campaign and zombie mode in Call of Duty when he worked at Treyarch, and was also one one of the founders of the aforementioned Deviation Games, from which he left without explanation in 2022.

Deviation Games became one of the first studios to be hit by the crisis of the gaming industry, which forced it to fire about 90 workers.

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