Here is the first exclusive feature only for new computers from the Copilot+ category on Snapdragon X Elite. Auro SR will be available only for them

by alex

It's like Nvidia DLSS, only at the Windows level

The image scaling technology, which will appear directly in Windows 11, will at least initially be exclusive to computers of the new Copilot+ category based on the Snapdragon X SoC. 

А вот и первая эксклюзивная функция только для новых компьютеров из категории  Copilot+ на Snapdragon X Elite. Только для них будет доступна Auro SR

This time Windows on Arm will be successful? 22 models of laptops of the new Copilot+ PC category were presented at once

Automatic Super Resolution technology will be analogous to Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR, but implemented at the operating system level. Auro SR will also be focused on games, although there was data about working in applications. There are no details about the technology yet, but now it is reported that for some time Auto SR will only work on Copilot+ PCs, and not even on all, but only on those based on Snapdragon X Elite. That is, models based on Snapdragon X Plus will remain out of work, although they have the same NPU unit, and in general the parameters are very similar. 

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