Google wants to work with Apple as if they were one company, and Apple agrees that the partnership needs to be deepened

by alex

The heads of IT giants exchanged pleasantries in court

Apple and Google can be called competitors in a number of areas, but they are partners to a much greater extent. And new court documents leaked online indicate that the companies are not only very happy with their relationship, but also want to make it even stronger.

For example, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in court that the company would like the number of iPhones to grow. In addition, Pichai generally wants Apple and Google to operate as one company.

Our vision for the future is that we operate as if we were one company. Now both sides are reluctant to share various projects. It would be great to change that

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in turn, said the following:

I think we can have a much closer partnership; be tightly connected where our services end and Google's begin. And I see no natural obstacles to us doing more together

Of course, one could say that this is just an exchange of pleasantries, but we have never heard such statements from either side before.

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