Deepal promises to sell 450,000 electric vehicles in 2024

by alex

The company enters new markets

Deepal will accelerate its expansion into European and Southeast Asian markets, aiming to sell 450,000 electric vehicles worldwide next year, Deepal CEO Deng Chenghao announced today.

In addition, Deepal entered a new overseas market today with the launch of the Deepal S07 and Deepal L07 sedans in Thailand. Both vehicles will be assembled at the new Changan plant in Rayong province once construction is completed.

Deepal is the electric vehicle brand of Changan, China's oldest automaker and the smallest of the “big four” state-owned auto companies (the other three are SAIC, FAW and Dongfeng).

Deng Chenghao also announced that Deepal will launch two new cars in 2024. They will be developed jointly with Huawei. Yesterday, Changan and Huawei signed a memorandum of cooperation, as we already reported.

The coolest Tank 300 has been presented. The Tank 330 with a 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine was priced at 330 thousand yuan

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