Cybertruck in Russian #2. VAZ-2107 in the style of Tesla Cybertruck has been patented in Russia

by alex

For now this is just a patent

As reported by «Avtopotok», a new patent for a Russian car in the style of Tesla Cybertruck has appeared in the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

It was registered by entrepreneur Ivan Sukhar, who a couple of weeks ago patented a new version of the VAZ “four” in the same style Tesla Cybertruck.

Nobody knows whether Ivan Sukhar is going to set up production or create at least one such car in reality. However, he had already decided that if such machines appeared, they would be equipped with an electric power plant.

Cybertruck по-русски #2. В России запатентовали ВАЗ-2107 в стилистике Tesla Cybertruck

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