Changan's price decline continues. The top-end Changan CS55 Plus has fallen in price in Russia

by alex

Last week, Changan Uni-K, CS35 Plus, CS35 Plus New, CS55, as well as CS55 Plus fell in price in two of three configurations

Changan Company increased «additional benefit» by 100 thousand rubles for the Changan CS55 Plus crossover in the top Tech configuration. Taking this into account, the cost decreased to 2.55 million rubles.

In fact, the CS55 Plus fell in price last week — together with Changan Uni-K, CS35 Plus, CS35 Plus New, CS55. But then two out of three versions of Changan CS55 Plus became available for 200 thousand. Now justice has been restored, and Changan CS55 Plus has also fallen in price by 200 thousand rubles (100 thousand rubles last week and 100 thousand rubles now).

Now Changan CS55 Plus Tech costs 2.55 million rubles. The company notes that in order to obtain «additional benefit» you must pay for the car in full.

The production of Lada Vesta has been modernized and continues to be improved. This will save 6 million rubles annually

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