Belarus and Russia are discussing the construction of a mobile nuclear reactor

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It is expected to be useful in remote Russian regions

According to the Secretary of the Department of Physical and Technical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Shcherbakov, Belarus and Russia are jointly working on a project to build a mobile nuclear reactor. Shcherbakov spoke about this at the international forum «AtomExpo», which is currently taking place in Sochi.

The Belarusian-Russian megascience project, which we have been discussing for a long time and which is important for us, is the construction of a mobile nuclear reactor. Back in Soviet times, Belarus had such developments. However, the project was canceled. Nevertheless, the station was created then, it provided energy. Now there are other technology platforms and opportunities. And we are working on it with Rosatom. creation of a mobile nuclear reactor using new technologies. 

Sergey Shcherbakov

According to Shcherbakov, the new development is very important for Russia «with its remote regions», and the Joint Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research «Sosny» In this project, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus can share its unique experience and competencies in the study of various types of nuclear reactors. Belarusian scientists can develop various combinations of coolant, fuel elements of various shapes and are able to work with non-standard reactors, the academician noted.

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Indeed, in the USSR in 1985, a prototype of a mobile nuclear power plant, Pamir-630D, was created and launched, its testing continued until September 1986. At that time it was the only nuclear power plant of this type in the world. The mobile nuclear power plant was developed at the Institute of Nuclear Energy of the Academy of Sciences of the Belarusian SSR; it was placed on a vehicle chassis and was designed for transportation by rail, sea and air transport. But in 1986 the project was closed due to insufficient reliability and safety.

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