Beeline has identified a scheme of scammers who fraudulently gain access to mobile banks and government services.

by alex

The victim is asked to change the password for security purposes

Beeline spoke about a new telephone fraud scheme, with the help of which attackers gain access to subscriber numbers and further access to banking applications, State Services and other services.

Fraudsters call victims under the guise of representatives of mobile operators and claim that an application to change their telecom operator has been submitted using their phone number. Then the victim is asked to change the password in his personal account, supposedly to ensure the security of the number. When performing the procedure, the victim receives an SMS with a password reset code from an official number.

«Билайн» выявил схему мошенников, которые обманом получают доступ к мобильным банкам и «Госулугам»

“In this way, attackers are trying to gain access to the victim’s number in order to be able to log into the personal accounts of banks, State Services and other services,” Beeline warned.

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Beeline recalled that employees of telecommunications companies always call only from a special short number and never require dictation of codes.

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