AvtoVAZ has launched pre-New Year programs and promotions for Lada Vesta NG buyers

by alex

A set of winter tires and tire fitting services at the dealer for a nominal fee of 1 ruble

Russian automotive giant AvtoVAZ announced the launch of several special pre-New Year programs for the purchase of a new generation Vesta (Lada Vesta NG), «on especially favorable terms».

АвтоВАЗ запустил предновогодние программы и акции для покупателей Lada Vesta NG

Special loan program from AvtoVAZ «Avto Finance Bank» provides a preferential loan rate of 7.9% per annum or a benefit of up to 105 thousand rubles, including the cost of a CASCO insurance policy as a gift.

Program «Trade-in at a favorable rate» allows you to purchase a new Lada Vesta with a profit of 60 thousand rubles under the trade-in scheme. All models of the Lada Vesta family are available for the promotion, including Sportline versions. This program can be combined with preferential lending terms with a rate of 7.9% from «Auto Finance Bank».

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On the promotion «Carefree winter with Lada» During December, each Lada Vesta NG buyer can receive a set of winter tires and tire fitting services from the dealer for a nominal fee of 1 ruble.

When purchasing a Lada Vesta in December as part of the «We Buy in Togliatti» program the total benefit will be up to 150 thousand rubles.

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