Avtodor, due to inflation, has raised prices for travel on toll roads in Russia. In some cases the increase was 15–25%

by alex

Average growth – 8%

State Company «Avtodor» raised prices for travel on toll roads in Russia, as reported by Kommersant. 

The average price increase was 8%, but travel on some specific sections became much more expensive — by 15–25%. 

For example, travel on toll sections of the M-3 highway in the Kaluga region has become 25% more expensive. But it must be said that in some places prices have even fallen. In particular, in the press release of «Avtodor» it is said that on M-12 «Vostok» for passenger vehicles, the cost of travel from Moscow to Kazan will remain at the same level. At the same time, the state-owned company is making changes to the tariff schedule in such a way that routes from Arzamas to the 1st exit to Kazan (Innopolis) will become cheaper, which will increase the attractiveness of the M-12 for motorists. 

The cheaper Moskvich 3 entered the top 5 most affordable crossovers and SUVs in Russia according to Auto News of the Day.

You can also highlight the prices for travel on the Central Ring Road, which increased by an average of 14–15% on all sections.  

Sam «Avtodor» speaks of annual indexation of tariffs due to inflation.  

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