At the former Russian Hyundai plant, 70 cars are assembled per day; all parts bear Hyundai Motor Company logos.

by alex

For the most part, Hyundai Solaris, Hyundai Creta and Kia Rio are produced much less

According to Sergey Tsyganov, auto expert and host of the Telegram channel «Russian Automobile», he is now at the Automobile Plant «AGR» (former Russian Hyundai plant) produces 70 cars per day. Production plan for February — 1500 cars, but they plan to collect more in March.

«Basically these are "Solaris", "Cret" less (ratio approximately 4:1). "Rio" both modifications appear very, very rarely. There are no problems with the components yet, they use old stocks, and all parts have Hyundai Motor Company logos. My interlocutors estimate the guaranteed supply of components for approximately 10 thousand cars. To collect the planned 70 thousand, you will have to buy at least additional electronic units », — told by Sergey Tsyganov.

Popular Haval cars in the Leningrad and Moscow regions turned out to be cheaper than in others. The results of the Autocode study have been published

Recall that the official premiere of the Solaris brand, under which Kia and Hyundai currently assembled in Russia will be sold, took place last week. The warranty on these cars will be 3 years or 100,000 kilometers.

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