Microsoft followed Apple and allowed smartphones to be used as webcams in Windows 11

by alex

On Mac this feature appeared in 2022

Microsoft has added a convenient feature to Windows for iPhone users. According to The Verge, Windows 11 has the ability to use a smartphone as a webcam.

As a reminder, Apple has expanded the Continuity Camera feature so that iPhone cameras will replace Mac webcams in 2022. This feature allows you to achieve clearer images during video calls.

Windows 11 will require an Android phone running Android 9 or later: «Phone Link in Windows 11 will now include the ability to access recent photos or use your phone as a webcam in video conferencing apps . Starting today, this feature will be available for testing by Windows Insiders on devices running Android 9 or later and Link to Windows app version 1.24012 or later. To enable it, look in the Bluetooth and mobile devices settings menu, select «Manage devices» and allow the computer to access the Android phone.

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This feature also supports Android tablets and also has a few additional settings, such as the ability to switch between the front and rear cameras.

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